WordPress Elementor Tracker

WordPress Elementor Tracker - Track Analytics Events using Elementor

WordPress is ever-growing in its popularity thanks to its slick and easy to use interface that allows website owners to build a professional website. One of the key elements of WordPress is its built-in plugin system, which allows you to modify your website according to your present and future needs.
To keep track of events and important goals on popular outlets, such as Google, you can use the handy Elementor Tracker plugin that will make your life easier.


Why Elementor Tracker?

One of the most important things with keeping up with the times is appearing on popular sites and search engines, such as Google, and reach certain targets with your audience. Keeping track of important events and target audience actions, such as widget clicks, clicks on ads, link clicks and other events, allows you to analyze movement on your site and other online outlets. 

Up until recently, you would have had to write a CSS ID or an entire code to keep track of such events, but those days are gone. Elementor Tracker is a one stop-shop that allows you to add important events and monitor goals and user activity on your website with ease. The tracker is compatible with Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics, so you will have the handy plugin available with the most popular analytics tools to date.


Easy to use

 No mess and no problems with the installation of Elementor Tracker

No previous knowledge necessary

For those who are not tech-savvy, Elementor Tracker is for you; there is no need for previous technical know-how to add and use Elementor Tracker.

Visual and easy to track events

Elementor Tracker funnels information from all analytics tools into one plugin, making it quicker and easier to analyze user behavior and preferences. With all data in one place, you will be able to monitor leads in a more effective way than ever and track events with ease. 

Original plugin

Like with other great products, Elementor Tracker now has generic versions. Elementor Tracker is the original event tracker, which means it is of the highest level in every sense.

Technical support

If you run into any problems, or if you have questions when installing Elementor Tracker, you can contact our support team that will help you reach the best and quickest solutions. 

Creating and monitoring events and goals on websites and social media is more important than ever, and with Elementor Tracker, you will be able to easily create events, follow their progress, and adjust whatever is necessary to reach your goals. 

Elementor Tracker supports multiple tracking methods:

Facebook Ads

track user activity in the biggest social outlet these days

Google Analytics

get valuable analytics information from the most important analyzer created by Google

Google Ads

monitor activity in you Google Ads with an all-in-one tracking tools that collects and analyzes all user data